Tuesday, July 7, 2009

American Classic: New Balance 99X series

Ok, so alot of people think running shoes have no place in the world of high-fashion, but I beg to differ. New Balance 99X series shoes are by far the most stylish running shoes on the market. 1: The silhouette is not clunky like most running shoes, they instead have this cool triangle like shape to them. 2: The color-way isn't gaudy or flashy; the all gray color makes it easily wearable with almost anything. 3: They're made in America, nuf said.
I recommend any of the 99 series, so go out and buy some in grey and rock them unlaced with the tongue loose, hell, even let 'em get dirty!

See, Steve Jobs wears 'em.(Ok maybe not the best example of style, but consistent)

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